Open Hands Global
Transforming lives through quality education

"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life."

Nelson Mandela

About Us

Open Hands Global comes alongside the poor, suffering and oppressed to support and equip them to build literate, healthy and thriving communities by providing education, food and other basic needs – We serve the most vulnerable in the world with open hearts and open hands. Hundred percent of all donations go to Open Hands Global programs

Local Leadership

The change Open HandOpen Hand Global programs aspires to bring will only be sustained if communities are committed to being part of the change and contribute towards the overall vision and objectives. We work through local leaders to shift community thinking towards identifying their own needs and working towards solutions and self-help projects.

Direct Giving

One hundred percent of every single donation is used to profoundly change the lives of children and youth who live in the poorest communities of the developing world – Our core area of focus is to provide access to good schooling and nutrition for children and support families that have high aspirations to improve their own standard of living.

Bridging The Gap

Our research and presence in the community identifies their essential needs and local solutions are sought for tangible change and successful programs. We partner with local organizations to create supportive environments and address some of the many disadvantages a poor marginalized community experiences including but not limited to gender inequality, social risks, health and wellness.

Our Solution

In the developing world there is a widening divide between the affluent and the poor with the latter experiencing marginalization and a sense of being left out of the education attainment and job market. Through our educational and health programs we serve marginalized communities. We aspire and strengthen children and youth to develop confidence, increase their employment opportunities and escalate access to higher paid jobs resulting in healthy and thriving communities.